Green Room Review

I am not normally one to enjoy a horror movie however this was a brilliantly scary movie. Although it was violent, it was far better than a modern slasher film and unlike the recent supernatural style horror movies, this film feels grounded in realism. This movie is a suspenseful siege thriller that sees the protagonists... Continue Reading →

Sausage Party Review

This raunchy, animated movie is by no means appropriate for children. With its large amounts of swearing, sexual references and adult themes that you would expect from a Seth Rogan movie so please do not bring children under 15 (that’s the rating in Australia). What it also delivers is a surprising thought provoking movie with... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad Review

I was so excited for this movie that I made sure I stayed away from all the reviews, I did not want anyone else opinions getting in my head giving me preconceived notions when I went to see it. For the most part I’ll keep this spoiler free and may do a spoiler review at... Continue Reading →

Jason Bourne Review

As a fan of the original movies it’s hard to not get excited at the idea of Jason Bourne returning to the big screen and I was entertained through out the movie. Whilst this movie was not quite as strong as the first 3 movies it still has a Bourne feel to it with great... Continue Reading →

Batman: The Killing Joke Review

I'll start this off by saying that I love this comic book. This is a comic book that can give you a great insight into two iconic characters whilst giving you nightmares. If you have not read comic books and wish to start, this is a pretty intense one but it is one of the... Continue Reading →

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