Suicide Squad Review

I was so excited for this movie that I made sure I stayed away from all the reviews, I did not want anyone else opinions getting in my head giving me preconceived notions when I went to see it. For the most part I’ll keep this spoiler free and may do a spoiler review at another time

To keep it simple this is an entertaining movie, probably more entertaining than Batman V Superman was, it was also a lot more fun. The Squad itself was excellent with an amazing team dynamic for most of the film. Will Smith as Deadshot was the best performance of the movie as he does a great job blending action, humour and dramatic delivery into the best scene of the movie. The performance of Margot Robbie and Jared Leto has me extremely excited to see more of Harley Quinn and the Joker. This Joker was different to any other kind we have seen depicted in live action or animated with a combination of psychotic and gangster working well, though I think he was extremely under used despite being a driving force in the movie. Margot Robbie was the only actress I could have pictured playing this role and I think it was perfect casting, with her relationship with Deadshot being believable. I wish we could have seen more of the Joker to get a better feel for their relationship but I am excited to see what Leto can do with the character.

I believe this movie was almost perfect casting, with even Jai Courtney killing his role as Captain Boomerang (A massive thanks to David Ayer for casting an Australian in the role) and Viola Davis produced an almost comic book like performance in her role of Amanda Waller. I mean no disrespect when I say this next part but I could not enjoy Joel Kinnaman or Cara Delevigne in their roles as Rick Flag and the Enchantress respectively, maybe it was not Delevignes’ fault but her character has poor development and poor graphics through out the whole movie despite having an awesome shot with the hand transformation. It makes me curious to see what Tom Hardy would have brought to the role of Rick Flag had he not being forced to drop out.

The first 2 acts of this movie are good fun and very entertaining as you learn more about the squad and why they ended up where the did and who put them there. The Cameos from some Justice League members made a great addition to the movie that paints the heroes in a different light since it is from the perspective of the protagonists. There is also some awesome action sequences where you see the Squad in full fight mode including Deadshot and the his wrist guns. The movie also brings some good one line humour to the universe which works well amongst the teams dynamic especially coming from Harley and Boomerang. I loved the soundtrack it had a great mix of music from iconic artists like Queen, Black Sabbath, ACDC, Eminem and even Kanye West, and whilst the music could seem jarring with how it seems forced into the movie I think it helps with the fun feel. This movie for the most part is fun and entertaining with a great group of characters to follow.

Now like all movies there are flaws and with this movie sadly the flaws are quite large. Everyone complains about Marvel Villains being the weakest and most forgettable of Comic Book movies but after seeing Suicide Squad I think that DC now takes the cake with this villain. A villain that does not make sense, does not keep you interested and delivers a pretty ordinary performance that takes you out of the movie. While this is really only an issue experienced in the last part of the film, the plot that is driven by the villain is substantially lacking. One of the biggest problems with this villain is that it is a villain of convenience not a villain with any real stakes. It’s hard to say more without spoiling the story.

The reasoning they bring the squad together is also too convenient and does not feel like it would be a mission required for a Suicide Squad. There are better villains out there and a more cohesive way to bring this team together than what was used but perhaps it was due to having too many cooks in the kitchen when making this movie (if you believe the gossip) that caused this movie to fall by the way side instead of the powerhouse it could have been.

I’ll say this again, this is a fun entertaining film and you should definitely go and see it because you will want to see more of these characters and what they can do on future a mission. Just go in with an open mind and have fun. I don’t want to sound like I am being super negative or super positive because I did have fun but there were things I did not like and I understand some of the criticisms. Hopefully there is an Ultimate Cut to this film.

Suicide Squad scores a Pass on 55%

What are your thoughts on Suicide Squad?

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