Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

"Return to the Wizarding World" When the lights go down and the iconic music starts the feeling of being back in the magical universe of Harry Potter will sink in and it feels good to be back. J K Rowling built an amazing universe around the character of Harry Potter and it is really intriguing... Continue Reading →

The Accountant Review

"John Wick meets Rain Man" The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as a high functioning Autistic man who works as an accountant for international criminal organisations. Throughout the film we gain an insight into his brilliant mind, the tough up bringing he experienced as a autistic child in an military family and how he operates if... Continue Reading →

Doctor Strange Review

Once again Marvel delivers a new style into their cinematic universe with Doctor Strange, a very trippy magic based movie staring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. Following in the vain of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man, Marvel attempts to mix up their current Avenger filled movie slate with a new... Continue Reading →

The Girl on the Train Review

I had not read the book before seeing this movie but from what I am told there were some subtle changes to the story, which may mean I enjoyed the movie more than others. As a fan of Gone Girl I had high expectations for this new thriller that looked to follow on as a... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Seven Review

Antoine Fuqua’s remake of a remake with a star-studded cast, is a fun action adventure that will keep viewers engaged throughout. With its amazing action set pieces and great sense of humour Magnificent Seven is an enjoyable ride. Denzel Washington brings his normal charisma to his role as the leader and delivers a strong performance.... Continue Reading →

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