The Lego Batman Movie Review

"The Batman movie we need and deserve right now." With all the problems that Warner Brothers are having with their DC properties, it was fantastic to see the Lego Batman Movie do so well. Reprising his role from The Lego Movie, Will Arnett returns to voice Batman/ Bruce Wayne in one of the best on... Continue Reading →

Power Rangers 2017 Review

‘It’s morphin’ time’ Not growing up with Power Rangers could have put me at odds with a movie like this; with such a loyal fan base it would have been easy for Dean Israelite to make a nostalgia piece that would only appealed to fans of the 90s show. Instead what we got was a... Continue Reading →

In Theatres This Week: March 30th

Coming out this week in Cinemas around Australia Ghost in the Shell     Synopsis: In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. Staring: Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbæk, Michael Pitt, Takeshi Kitano, Rila... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

“A remake in the truest sense of the word.” In recent times Disney has decided that it is time to remake all of their classic animated films, and now they have set themselves the massive task of attempting to remake one of their most iconic animated movies, Beauty and the Beast. Not only is Beauty... Continue Reading →

In Theatres This Week: March 23rd

Coming out this week in Cinemas around Australia Beauty and the Beast Synopsis: An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love. Staring: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci Director: Bill Condon Running... Continue Reading →

Kong: Skull Island Review

‘That’s Kong, he’s king around here” With every major film studio wanting to follow in Disney’s footsteps and create a Cinematic Universe, we are now getting a ‘Monsterverse’ from Warner Bros. This started in 2014 with Gareth Edward’s Godzilla and continues with Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ movie Kong: Skull Island, building into a Godzilla and King Kong... Continue Reading →

In Theatres This Week: March 16th

Coming out this week in Cinemas around Australia A Cure for Wellness Synopsis: An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness centre" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that the spa's treatments are not what they seem. Staring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Celia... Continue Reading →

Logan Spoiler Free Review

The following review for Logan will be spoiler free. For many years now we have seen Hugh Jackman run around with ripped muscles, in a singlet, cutting people down with his claws, but not like this. This Wolverine is much older, world weary and violent. James Mangold returns to direct the Hugh Jackman’s final outing... Continue Reading →

In Theatres This Week: March 9th

Coming out this week in Cinemas around Australia Kong: Skull Island Synopsis: A team of explorers and soldiers travel to an uncharted island in the Pacific, unaware that they are crossing into the domain of monsters, including the mythic Kong. Staring: Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins, John Goodman, Toby Kebbell, Jason Mitchell, John C. Reilly Director: Jordan... Continue Reading →

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