X-Men Movies Ranked

In honour of the release of Logan, here is my list of X-Men Movies

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) 40%

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This was the first stand-alone movie following X-Men The Last Stand focusing on the origins of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I remember this movie being better than it was until I re-watched it recently and realised wow, this movie is awful. I enjoy the opening montage of Logan and Victor fighting in the Civil War, World War 1 and 2 and the Vietnam War is awesome but too short. The movie becomes boring quick with the story spending too much time with Wolverine in Canada cutting down trees then fast tracks the weapon X program and interjects some slapstick humour. Bad CGI, terrible practical effects and the butchering of characters are all things to expect from Wolverine Origins. The Deadpool travesty at the end nearly destroyed the character but made Ryan Reynolds work so hard to repair his reputation and the character’s. A couple of positives are Hugh Jackman works hard in the role and Taylor Kitsch was a great Gambit who was tragically under used. Over all the movie fails as an origin movie with fans being better off watching X2 to find the history of Wolverine.

X-Men The Last Stand (2006) 50%

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This movie killed the X-Men franchise quicker than it killed main characters, (Spoiler Alert) quite a few die in this movie. There were a few off screen issues with directors coming and going and script changes but nothing can excuse this movie. This movie attempts to tell the Dark Phoenix Saga but fails miserably and worse, does not even deliver a good movie. I think perhaps the biggest disappointment is how it is a sub-par follow up to two really good comic book movies. There is a lack of character focus that is seen in X-Men and X2 and the dialogue is terrible throughout most of the film. When watching X-Men The Last Stand something just feels wrong with it.

X-Men Apocalypse (2016) 65%

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The most recent of the X-Men series had so much potential, which is why it probably was not received so well when it didn’t meet expectations. The first part of the movie is fantastic with the introduction to familiar mutants in a younger form, whom all did a great job in bringing these characters back to life. Hopefully these actors will be back. There is also a great story in the first half that allowed Michael Fassbender to show off just how talented he is, with a story into Magneto not seen in film before. Then the movie begins to fall into the trap of bad comic book movies with a world ending battle against an unstoppable enemy. The last third of the movie becomes a paint by numbers plot, though there are some cool sequences. Over all not a terrible movie but could have been better. I look forward to the future of X-Men movies with this great young cast.

The Wolverine (2013) 75%

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The second stand alone movie that focusing on Wolverine but this one takes place after the events of The Last Stand with Logan retreating to living in the wild until he is tracked down by a mysterious woman. Logan is summoned to Japan to see a man from his past. This movie was a lot of fun with some awesome action sequences including a show down on a bullet train. The whole plot of the movie focuses on Logan losing his healing powers whilst trying to protect the granddaughter of the man he saved in WWII. It is a pretty simple and entertaining plot that makes the movie enjoyable. Like most of the movies The Wolverine ends with a terrible CGI fight but that does not detract from a solid movie.

X-Men (2000) 80%

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Made back in 2000 this was the movie that started the franchise, by casting an unknown actor to play the popular character Wolverine who didn’t look anything like the comics. If you can believe it Hugh Jackman was a victim of internet backlash to his casting, mostly due to being an unknown actor and being 6ft 3. Revisiting X-Men was a lot of fun and held up a lot better than expected (some of the CGI not so much) but the story still works. The movie gives each character their due allowing the actors to create memorable characters who still hold up today. For an ensemble film there is incredible balance between the team of heroes and the villains.

X-Men First Class (2011) 82%

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In terms of reboots, Matthew Vaughn didn’t have to try very hard to improve where the franchise was. Taking a new spin on the story with a focus on a young Professor Xavier and Magneto played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender respectively, with both actors giving great performances. The movie works great as a stand alone and as a reboot movie. The main downside is the villain is not memorable but it does not detract too much since the performances from the lead characters are fantastic.

X2 (2003) 85%

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In an era where the sequel is better than the original X2 X-Men United was definitely better than the original. The movie creates a great villain whose evil plan makes sense and creates stakes. This movie is full of awesome sequences from the opening at the White House to the infiltration of the mansion X2 is action packed. Building on the mystery of Wolverine’s history we get a much better look at how he got his claws and indestructible body. X2 does a fantastic job by going a step further than X-Men by building on the characters we know, introducing knew characters and some incredible set pieces. This is on comic book movie everyone should check out.

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) 87%

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Easily the best of the X-Men movies as it had the hardest task and pulled it off expertly. It had to tell an extremely popular story that fit in with the universe already built by Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn and bring back characters from the previous X-Men franchise. It also did a fantastic job at erasing the events of X-Men The Last Stand, which is a positive for all the above reasons. This movie also offers some amazing sequences, in particular the Quicksilver sequence that was a show stealer. Some of the futuristic battle scenes are incredible too. Days of Futures Past is the best X-Men movie with a great story line, connecting the two timelines and fixing the problems caused by previous instalments. It also does not require the viewer to have seen previous X-Men movies.

Deadpool (2016) 90%


Image via 20th Century Fox

I wasn’t going to include everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Pool guy as it is not truly an X-Men movie but boy is it a great movie. It does a great job at poking fun at the X-Men movies and their bad movies as well as the bizarre timeline and continuity issues. For my Full review of Deadpool click here

Hope you enjoyed my rating the X-Men movies. What are you favourite of the movies. Are you excited for Logan?

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