Justice League Trailer 2 Review

Over all, the trailer looks cool with some great action and the right amount of humour interjected, mostly due to Ben Affleck’s Batman. We got a good look at the majority of the heroes (minus a few rumoured appearances) in action, which does get me excited. In fact this trailer showed me exactly what I expected to see with the awesome action. Not to mention an awesome cover of the Beatles Come Together as the backing track

Not a massive fan of how Cyborg looks, the CGI isn’t great, I feel they would have been better off building him a suit. That being said it is a trailer and I may like how he looks when the film comes out. Another issue I had was I did not like the opening of the trailer with Bruce Wayne riding on the horse through the mountains to try and find Aquaman. The way this fits in the trailers gives off a slow vibe that it may lead to a very drawn our first act similar to Batman V Superman or Man of Steel.

The one aspect that really impressed me was that unlike other DCEU movies we have not had the plot spoiled by this trailer. Hopefully they continue with this model so the audience can go in without knowing every aspect of the movie.

Image via Warner Brothers

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