Power Rangers 2017 Review

‘It’s morphin’ time’

Power Rangers 2
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Not growing up with Power Rangers could have put me at odds with a movie like this; with such a loyal fan base it would have been easy for Dean Israelite to make a nostalgia piece that would only appealed to fans of the 90s show. Instead what we got was a fun teenage action movie with a few cringe worthy 90s throw backs to the show. The story centres around five teenagers who develop powers after finding mystical coins in an old quarry. The group learn that they have been chosen to become Power Rangers, warriors who must protect earth against the villainous Rita Repulsa. The film stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky G, Elizabeth Bank, Bill Hader and Bryan Cranston.

Power Rangers 4
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Unlike other movies that have teenage protagonist these characters are really well written and portrayed. Whilst this movie doesn’t require teenagers with depth as much as Perks of Being a Wallflower or The Edge of Seventeen there is a realistic sense about these characters. For a young cast they all deliver strong performances, considering most of the actors had not been in a blockbuster movie. The movies handles the ideas of teenage angst and personal issues with taste and respect. With the need to offer diversity in movies Power Rangers demonstrates a way that diversity can be incorporated into the plot with out detracting from it. Becky G and RJ Cyler carry the diverse aspects of their characters in a positive way. The only character whose motivations do not match the others in the group is Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger. She does a great job as an actress in the role but the reason the character is hurting does not fit the emotional intensity displayed. This makes her scene where she opens up about her problems less impacting that the filmmakers probably would have preferred. It is not that she is bad it is that compared to the other characters her ‘stuff’ is almost obsolete. Though Dacre Montgomery calls her out on this in a great way.

Power Rangers 3
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If you are a fan of the TV series some of the nostalgia stuff may have no impact on you, though I did find some of the aspects dated and cringe worthy. The villain’s name is Rita Repulsa, her army is called Putties and she has an ally called Goldar, a giant golden creature. To me these feel childish and dated. I acknowledge that it would not work if you changed these aspects of the movie but it was something that I began to laugh at. That being said some of the fight sequences were an impressive throw back to the show with the chorography matching the style of the show. Some of the cliché lines such as “it’s morphin time” add to the cringe nostalgia but you can still have fun with it.

Power Rangers 1
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The movie starts out with a Breakfast Club vibe, moves into something similar to Chronicle and finishes with a comic book style final battle with a CGI army versus the heroes (minus the sky beam). I think the marketing for this movie was relatively strong and given the source material people should be able to expect what they are going to see. I think if you are able to ‘switch’ your brain off and not think too much about the plot you can enjoy this movie for what it is. Hopefully it will make enough money to justify a sequel since the series definitely has the potential to be a great franchise and if we can get to the dark future version seen in the recent short film that would be incredible. This movie has a great young cast who work well together adding to the dynamic of the film.

Image via Lionsgate

Overall I had fun with this movie and got pretty much what I expect from it. It is not the worst movie I have seen recently but it will not be winning any Oscars. I keep using the word fun because that’s what I had with this movie and in comparison to other blockbuster movies you care more about the human element in Power Rangers than other big movies.

Power Rangers scores a C with a 65%

Are you looking forward to Power Rangers? were you a fan of the original series of movie?

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