Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2 Review

I think this trailer may have showed a little too much, but not enough that I think it will ruin the movie. I would have preferred for this trailer to focus more on the teenage aspect of Peter Parker rather that the Avengers aspect of the movie. I think the trailer had a little too much focus on Tony Stark, given that I don’t expect to see much of him in the film. Some of the marketing has been around showing that Spider-Man is apart of the MCU and this is a follow up to Captain America Civil War so this trailer was no different.

Michael Keaton gives off a great vibe as the villain Vulture, plus we got a brief look at the Shocker, the other villain of the movie. Lets hope they don’t go over board with the villains, since it didn’t work out the last time they tried that in a Spider-Man movie. I thought The Vulture looks awesome in his gear and it will be interesting to see him go up against Spider-Man.

I think this trailer showed a little too much of the story, in particular a scene on the ferry and his conversation with Tony Stark, which could be a pivotal point in the movie. Or it could just be something that happens in the first act that doesn’t make it too much of a spoiler.

Over all it was a good trailer that focused more on the story than the action. We will probably get a new trailer in May so hopefully we don’t see any more story points in the marketing.

Spider-Man Homecoming will be out in Australia on July 6th

Image via Sony Picture/ Disney

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