The Fate of the Furious Review

Not many franchises are able to reach 8 movies and still produce the box office numbers that the Fast and Furious franchise has whilst continuing to gain positive ratings from critics. Given the tragedy that affected the previous movie and how beautifully they ended it, there was a level of curiosity as to how this movie would work going forward with the passing of Paul Walker. Then when the first trailer dropped the curiosity grew even more with the reveal the Vin Diesel’s Dominic Torretto would turn against his family, the most important thing to him. That and the fact a submarine was chasing them, which looked awesome. The Fate of the Furious as an awesome action ride that was incredibly fun, full of over the top moments that will leave you laughing but you will have the best time watching. A forward warning for this movie; do not play the Fast and Furious drinking game as you will not make it out of the first part of the movie. Fate of the Furious stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Charlize Theron Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, Chris Bridges, Scott Eastwood and Kurt Russell.

Fate 2
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The Fate of the Furious opens with Dom and Letty on their honeymoon in Cuba where every woman has on booty shorts and every problem can be solved by a drag race. Everything seems perfect until Dom is confronted by a mysterious woman (played by Charlize Theron) who manages to get him to turn on his family and work for her. After Dom betrays his team, they must join forces in an effort to stop him and the woman who is controlling him. Their manhunt takes them from the streets of New York to the frozen climate of a former soviet nuclear facility in what is some beautifully shot scenery with some even more impressive driving sequences.

Fate of the Furious
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If you are the kind of person who has not enjoyed the outlandish nature of the Fast and Furious franchise then you will not enjoy this movie as it continues to go over the top in more ways than one. The races are more intense, the action sequences are more insane and the dialogue is even more corny, but this movie is so much fun. I spent the majority of the movie smiling when something awesome happened and laughing when something corny happened, which is why I had so much fun.

Fate 3
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I think one of the reasons these movies work so well is the cohesiveness that exists between the cast. I am not saying they are all Oscar winning actors, though a few winners did join the cast for this movie, but they all work well together to create an environment that is entertaining to watch. The inclusion of Scott Eastwood into the cast worked much better than was expected, with him fitting into the team whilst also playing off of the dumb character of Roman that Tyrese has created. Perhaps the best relationship was the one between Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who spend the majority of the movie quipping at each other as a means to show their dominance in the relationship. Neither of these men is fond of each other in the movie given the events of Furious 7 so you get an interesting team dynamic when these two are on screen. In fact these two make the movie so much better with the way the play off each other and action sequences, in particular Statham’s action sequences.

Fate of the Furious
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Sometimes action movies can be hard to shoot in a way to places emphasis on all the necessary factors to create an engaging shot. F Gary Gray did an amazing job shooting this movie. There were some incredible shots, including slow motion and freeze shots that add to enhance the viewing experience. There is an art to shooting an action sequence and Gray is definitely an artist. Vin Diesel thinks F Gary Gray will be nominated for Best Director and that might be a bit of a stretch but he does a great job in bringing this story to life.

Fate 4
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The reason this movie is rated so highly is despite the ridiculous nature of the film it is enjoyable with large re-watchable factor. The story is enjoyable and the cast work well together. The reason behind Dom’s betrayal is well thought out and works for the type of film this is, the story is fun an easy to follow and the action is ridiculous and awesome. Vin Diesel and the cast really care about this franchise and put in the effort to keep it entertaining. In a world where we keep getting bad transformers movies and crappy sequels it is great to see we are still getting an enjoyable action franchise in The Fast and Furious franchise.

I give Fate of the Furious a 0 for the dumb title but an 70% for an awesome action movie


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