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Many people would have heard of Jordan Peele as one part of the comedy duo Key and Peele, so this movie may come as a bit of a surprise to be written and directed by this sketch comedy star. Get Out combines elements of Horror, Thriller, Dark Comedy and social commentary to create an incredible film that for some reason works. I do not think you could call this a straight up horror film, but it is being marketed that way so that fans of Key and Peele have some context to what they are about to see. If you are a fan of Jordan Peele you should definitely check out what he has created with Get Out.

Get Out Chris
Image via Blumhouse Productions

Get Out is a movie about Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a young African American male who travels with his Caucasian girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her family, who live in a predominately white town. Jordan Peele described this act as feeling like a horror movie for an African American in real life. As the weekend progresses Chris begins to feel as though something is off with this white community, especially after meeting the African American people who are ‘living’ there. The weekend slowly escalates as Chris learns the horrific truth about what is going on with this community. It is a simple concept that when adding horror thriller elements creates an engaging story.

Get Out 4
Image via Blumhouse Productions

Full credit for the success of this movie must go to Writer Director Jordan Peele for the way he brought this story to life. Also adding to the accomplishment of the movie is Director of Photography Toby Oliver and Composer Tim Williams for the way they shot and scored the movie to enhance the experience. Normally I do not talk too much about the crew behind a film but in this case I felt what these men were able to do with this film enhanced the experience for the viewer. The way the camera moves as well as the mixture of sounds and music creates an increased amount of tension that allows the movie to transcend from a dark comedy into a horror thriller movie. Without this combination of Director, DP and composer this movie would not have had the same impact with fans.

Get Out 5
Image via Blumhouse Productions

The marketing for this movie was a massive let down for me. I only saw one trailer for Get Out and then heard nothing but positive things coming from the US audience. Though after I saw the movie I saw some Facebook marketing, which included some shots from the movie that are massive spoilers. My advice to anyone who wants to see Get Out would be try to avoid the trailers. Unfortunately I could not find the first one I saw on YouTube that did not spoil anything so just don’t watch them. I also believe this movie was pushed as a horror movie to temper peoples expectations given the director of the film and what he is known for. I understand this move given that if people walked in expecting a comedy they would be disappointed, despite some hilarious moments throughout the film.

Get Out2
Image via Blumhouse Productions

Get Out has a fantastic cast including some great young talent in Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Lakeith Stanfield and Caleb Landry Jones. Allison Williams may be the standout for the movie as Rose, especially the way she reacts to the awkward and ignorant comments made towards Chris. Daniel Kaluuya was fantastic as Chris; the character he brings to life is realistic in how he conducts himself. The way he shrugs off the awkward racism and how he begins to put together what is going on is believable. One of my biggest criticisms of horror movies is just how dumb people are in them, often doing stupid, unrealistic acts that take me out of the movie. Not once did I feel this way when watching Chris on screen, the way he acts is completely believable.

Get Out 3
Image via Blumhouse

Even if you do not like horror movies, you should check out Get Out as it incorporates multiple layers that many different people can enjoy. Jordan Peele brought to life a fantastic story with a great cast that addresses a lot of social issues. I can’t wait to see what movies he can create in the future.

Get Out scored an 8.5/10

Get Out Chris

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