Wonder Woman Final Trailer Review

Of all of the DCEU marketing campaigns it is safe to say that the Wonder Woman one has been the best. This trailer is no exception. We have seen enough of the story, enough of the humour and enough of the awesome looking action to get us excited. The new element of this trailer is we are introduced to one of the villains, Doctor Poison, who looks as though she was heavily involved in the chemical warfare that took place during the First World War. She might not be the overall big bad of the film, but she still looks really cool with her fake face (like the guy from Boardwalk Empire). Speaking of the big bad we are still yet to see any real images of the main villain for this movie, a terrible mistake the other DC movies had made.

I was not a massive fan of the music in this trailer, though I am a massive fan of the Wonder Woman theme from Batman v Superman. I think the song just did not fit with what the movie will be. It’s the same problems Assassin’s Creed had with their marketing, bad music that did not suit the style of the trailer or movie.

We got to see a little more dynamic between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in this trailer as well as Gadot looking awesome during the action sequences. She can clearly handle the physicality required for this role with her action scenes looking badass. In fact all the Amazonian women look like fierce warriors, in particular Robin Wright. Shout out to Emily Carey who is playing Young Diana and looks like she could be a show stealer.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get on the hype train for another DCEU movie but it looks like I can’t keep myself off it. I am excited for Wonder Woman.

Image via Warner Brothers

How about you? Are you excited for Wonder Woman?

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