Time for a Change

Fear not Millennials and Millennial Movie fans I am not going anywhere and will still be providing Reviews and other articles. I have decided to change my scoring system for how I rate the movies I review. I enjoyed using the Australian University Grading system as it represented me at University. Times have changed and I have moved on from Uni to hopefully join the adult world and with that change I felt I needed to examine how I viewed movies. I will no longer be using the Uni system and I will not be grading movies out of 100. I do not think that a score out of 100 is a fair representation of how a movie performs. It is really easy to look at the large numbers and get distracted by the score rather than looking at why the movie received that score.

I will now be including a recommendation part at the end of the review where I will recommend the movie to people based on tastes or similar properties. I may also not recommend a movie if it is that bad. I will also be trialling a 1-10 scale as well to see how that works when grading movies.

Simply put

  • 1 is unwatchable.
  • 2 should definitely be avoided.
  • 3 is for those movies that annoy you.
  • 4 is bad, not laughing in a comedy bad.
  • 5 is an average film, and its ok to be average guys, we can’t all be 10s
  • 6 is positive but with some flaws,
  • 7 is an enjoyable film with positives,
  • 8 is great movie and great viewing experience
  • 9 is a nearly perfect film
  • 10 is phenomenal, highly entertaining and well made.

Let me know in the comment section if you like, love or loath this method. The important thing to remember is to see why the movie got that score not just the score itself.

A massive thank you to everyone who reads my articles, likes them and gives me feed back. Each month I have seen big improvements in my writing and traffic through the website. There are a few new things in the works with Millennial Movies so make sure to sign up, if you haven’t already, to receive notifications when a new post goes up.

Once again thank you.


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