Transformers: The Last Knight Review

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I actually have no idea how to start this review. This movie was atrocious. Don’t believe it when people defend it with its awesome visuals and cool action because guess what? It is the exact same as the previous movies and like the previous movies you have no idea what the hell is going on. This movie was bad; with a bad story, bad humour, bad marketing, bad filmmaking and it is over two hours long. The story of this movie is that Transformers came to Earth in the Dark Ages, helped King Arthur and gave Merlin a powerful Transformers weapon, a staff. 1600 years later a new Transformers threat has arrived to Earth to bring Cyberton here in an attempt to rebuild it. It is up to the descendant of Merlin and The Last Knight to find a way to get the Staff of Merlin and save the world. Yet again they are bringing Cybertron to Earth again and once again in an alien war it comes to a human to save the Transformers and the Humans.

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In the fourth movie it was lazy filmmaking and blatantly obvious product placement (Watch the Screen Junkies Honest Trailer for it and count the products). This movie wasn’t that level of bad but it was still bad filmmaking, with a weak story and more Michael Bayisms than all the other movies combined. He randomly sexualises Laura Haddock by putting her in a tight, short dress with emphasis on her cleavage. Her character has no reason to put on this dress apart form to look sexy. He also has Mark Wahlberg take his shirt off as well, again for “reasons”. Bay ups the game with this movie by using the new IMAX camera to shoot parts of the film. When these shots are up they look stunning, this camera is incredible and makes me excited for the future Disney films they shoot entirely in IMAX. The flaw with this is the fact that scenes will fast cut between IMAX and Regular shots and it is so jarring and poorly edited that you can clearly see the difference. It’s the main reason I cannot buy into the ‘beauty’ of this movie because it becomes so disjointed in the editing and final product.

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Remember the girl from the trailers, the one who is trying to sound tough? Well she is in the movie but everything she does in the trailer is the extent of her involvement in the movie. She was a completely pointless aspect to the “story”. Her character offers nothing but the little girl aspect that is popular post Logan and Stranger Things. Now I have read the letter from the Latino man to Diego Luna about the importance of a Latino hero in Rogue One and I have listened to many female critics talk about how important it was for them to see Wonder Woman. I know and support the need for women and minorities to gain equal representation in film but Isabela Moner is completely wasted in this film. In fact she was more annoying than anything. You also remember how Optimus Prime is the main character of this franchise and turns evil in the trailers? Well I hate to break it to you but he’s in the 2 hours and 29 minute movies for all of 15 minutes. But don’t worry he will remind you at least 15 times in that his name is Optimus Prime, just in case you forget.

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From the first scene you will see the type of humour that is used throughout the movie. A massive medieval battle is taking place and then the scene cuts to Merlin who explains how ‘sloshed’ he is. As soon as this moment happened I knew I was in for a long few hours. Then the movie introduces the British Transformer Cogman, and all of his inappropriately timed humour. Everything this character did was out of place and cringe worthy, not actually offering anything to the plot. This style of humour was the theme of the movie and I can safely say I laughed (not hard mind you) twice in the movie.

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I am a massive Marl Wahlberg fan but not even he could save this movie. Despite his best efforts you can tell the moment he just gives up. He has no chemistry with his co-stars, which is not his or their fault; it is the result of poor writing and directing. His relationship with Laura Haddock is the most forced relationship of the franchise and that includes Shia LaBeouf and a Victoria Secret model as well as the Romeo and Juliet law from the last movie. Transformer: The Last Knight will have you asking what the hell was Anthony Hopkins doing? This is an actual Knight and they have him deliver insane exposition and random one-liners that do not fit the character. The actors in this movie don’t want to be here.

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People wonder why the Fast and Furious movies can be loved the way they are whilst the Transformers Franchise is so poorly received. Both have ridiculous over the top action, both have crazy storylines and cliché dialogue “I don’t have friends, I got family”. Why do we give a pass to Fast and Furious and slam Transformers? It is simple we care. We are invested in the characters so that when the movie gets ridiculous we can still enjoy it. The franchise also is so self-aware as to what it is that it does not take itself seriously. Transformers takes itself too seriously and when it tries not to with its attempts at humour it just falls flat. It is a real shame because the Transformers movies do not have to be bad, we shouldn’t have to settle and say its ok because it’s Transformers. We have seen good adaptions before, this should be no excuse.

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See it if you love the franchise and actually enjoy Revenge of the Fallen and Age of Extinction. Actually don’t go and see it, don’t feed money into this franchise any more. They wont get better if they keep making $1Billion worldwide.


Well those are my thoughts on Transformers: The Last Knight. Let me know what you thought of the movie in the comments below.

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  1. Sounds like what I expected. I was thinking about reviewing it, but I am not sure it is worth it. Thanks for seeing it for us 😉 Do you think the Bumblebee movie has a shot at being good? I really liked the director’s work in Kubo and Hailey Steinfeld is a pretty good actress

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    1. They tried really hard in this movie to set up the idea that transformers have been on earth for ages. Bumblebee fought in World War 2 and killed Nazis. I think it will happen but I have not expectations for it. Thanks mate. Someone had to see it to tell the world how bad it was

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  2. Well…so far I havecseen only one review that was very positive about the movie. Honestly…pretty much every Transformers movie has been receiving bad reviews right from the start. Except for maybe the first one. I have hated the humor in the movies as really was cringeworthy every single time. Too bad that a lot of the humor now seemingly returns. It went away a bot in the previous one. Oh well…I’m still going to see it on tuesday, but my expectations for it were already pretty low anyway. But I still think I will find some enjoyment in it. I just love Transformers…it’s pretty much my childhood nostalgia that is kicking in here 😊 Well written review 😀

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    1. Thanks for that 🙂
      I have only heard one positive review and it made me angry because the person insisted that we shouldn’t expect anything because it’s a transformers movie. This movie is just bad filmmaking. I love the first one and enjoy the third one. Pacific Rim is my guilty pleasure and I adore the Fast and Furious movies. It is possible to make fun dumb action movies. This just isn’t it. The humour is god awful. Only one person in my cinema laughed. I would Rank the movies 1,3,2,4,5 and 4 was pretty bad haha. Go and enjoy it if you can. I wish I could have


      1. I think there’s something to love in each of the Transformers films, but they’re overshadowed by shoddy storytelling and like you said, product placement. Thanks!

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