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On the last day of school when all the students try to pull ridiculous and over the top pranks, two teachers will square off in a good old fashion fist fight after one teacher gets the other teacher fired. That is the premise of Fist Fight, the new comedy with Ice Cube as the aggressive teacher instigating the fight and Charlie Day as the man who can’t stand up for himself, trying everything to get out of the fight. Fist Fight also stars Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Christina Hendricks, Kumail Nanjiani and Dean Norris

Fist Fight 4
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Though Fist Fight was meant to be an outrageous comedy I did not find it to be as funny as I expected. There were a few laugh out loud moments, such as the coffee scene with Ice Cube, that only works because it is Ice Cube. In a movie full of good comedians there are definitely some funny moments but much of the comedy falls flat due to the outrageous nature of the jokes. That’s not to say it isn’t a funny movie because it definitely is, but it is not as funny as it could be.

Fist Fight 3
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I wrote this in my Rough Night review but I cannot stand Jillian Bell, I find her completely unfunny in everything she has done and Fist Fight may be my least favourite role. She plays a school counsellor who does meth and tries to have sex with her students. Very few things about this character are actually funny or likable. Not sure what the purpose of having this character really adds to the movie when you have Tracy Jordan and Kumail Nanjiani adding to the humour. Christina Hendricks is another person who I am not sure what role she was meant to be playing. Unlike Jillian Bell, Christina Hendricks is a talented actress who has range in her performances, but this was just a bizarre character for her and a waste of her talent.

Fist Fight 5
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Ice Cube seems to be at home in these adult comedies as the intimidating authority figure. He is a good character to a degree but filmmakers need to stop using the Ice Cube tropes. Having him quote his old movie lines gets played out very quick and comes off extremely corny. He has talent as an actor so I look forward to watch him gain deeper roles. He has great chemistry with Charlie Day who plays his pretty standard film character that works. Day plays a similar role to what he normally plays, the nervous guy who yells a lot and it works for this. He plays off Ice Cube extremely well and it is hard to imagine anyone else filling the role in the same way that Day does. Fist Fight was Tracy Morgan’s first movie, post his horrendous accident and it would appear he has not lost a step. He was perhaps one of my favourite characters of the movie with his naïve humour regarding the motivations of the pranksters. He doesn’t suit the role of coach at all but that’s why the humour of the character works. It was great watching him on screen again.

Fist Fight 2
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Fist Fight has some funny moments and some not so funny moments, it has some enjoyable moments and some boring moments. It isn’t a memorable comedy, it’s a simple comedy with some good actors in familiar roles. I am glad I didn’t rush out to see this at the cinema, even though a crowd may have helped get me through some of the less funny moments.


Easy to watch, dumb comedy that does not always hit the mark but if you are a fan of the actors give it a look in. It is the kind of movie you watch on a Saturday night and have some beers.


Thanks for reading my review. What did you think of Fist Fight? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. It seems like there are too many comedies like this. It’s like they just come up with some basic comedic premise and that’s it. You may as well watch the trailers. Same experience in only 2 minutes. Thanks for the review! It is a skip for me.

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