Baby Driver Review

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a young, talented driver working for crime boss, Doc (Kevin Spacey). What makes Baby unique is his ability behind the wheel of a car and the fact he is always listening to his personal soundtrack. After being coerced into another job that is doomed to fail, Baby must figure out how to stay alive, protect his loved ones and ensure his freedom. Baby Driver was directed by Edgar Wright stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Eiza Gonzalez, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx

Baby Driver
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Edgar Wright is one of those filmmakers with such a unique style to the way he makes films that each movie feels similar to the previous ones whilst also feeling completely new Watching Baby Driver definitely felt like an Edgar Wright movie but there was a new and impressive element not seen in his previous films. The dialogue is clever and sharp that helps move the scene forward, and can be extremely humorous in a clever way.

Baby Driver3
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I don’t think I have seen a movie with a more impressive cast than the one assembled for Baby Driver. Though there are many young actors who could have been cast as Baby I do not think that any of them could have pulled of the innocence that is needed to keep Baby as the hero of the movie. Ansel Elgort brought something to this role that meant he was likeable without creating a ‘poor me’ story. Yes, we see that his past isn’t great but Wright doesn’t use his past to build sympathy, instead builds likeability in the character. He had great chemistry with Lily James and he was just so cool when he was talking to her. I was really impressed with her character as well, she was a grounded character that did what she needed too, and she never went over the top. There were a few moments that worked in the movie but were a tad unrealistic, though it does not detract from this incredible movie.

Baby Driver6
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Bringing his usual gravitas to the role, Kevin Spacey is excellent, but he does not play his usual bad guy. He has the cool, calm intimidation factor he is known for but this time it feels different, he has a relationship with Baby that is more than an employer-employee type. Jon Hamm may have been my favourite character in the movie, he is used the perfect amount and we slowly learn more about his character and his relationship with Eiza Gonzalez. With so many different types of thieves and criminals in this movie it is hard to create layer characters but Edgar Wright found a way to build depth that is not often explored with bad guys. This is summed up perfectly by Jamie Foxx’s character Bats “You guys rob to feed your drug habit, I do drugs to feed my robbing habit.”

Baby Driver7
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The opening get away sequence was incredible and was perhaps the best way to start the movie. What makes the scene even more amazing is the fact the movie was over 90% practical effects. Real drivers’ performing these stunts is just mind blowing. I am a massive fan of the Fast and Furious movies but Baby Driver took driving films to a whole new level. Edgar Wright shot an incredible action movie where the action is used to elevate the story not just show cool shots. Wright had filmed action before with a movie like Hot Fuzz and even Scott Pilgrim vs The World but Baby Driver is on a whole new level.

Baby Driver2
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Similar to the way the driving fit the movie, comes the brilliant soundtrack. Edgar Wright spent a great deal of time and energy picking each song for each scene and it pays off big time. There were a lot of famous artist in the soundtrack but Wright did not pick their most popular songs, he picked the songs that work for the scene. The music and the movie blend perfectly together that it is almost like a musical. It was not just the music but also the practical sounds such as the engine revving, the gunshots and the everyday noises that were blended into the beat of the tune that was playing. The sound effects to me were perhaps one of the best parts of the movie.

Baby Driver 1
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I don’t think I could speak highly enough about Baby Driver, from its story to the cast, the way it was shot and words spoken this was a fantastic movie. The practical effects are incredible and make the Fast and Furious movies look like video game cut scenes in comparison. This action comedy will have you engaged from start to finish and wanting to go home and listen to the soundtrack. That or drive really fast (Not that I am encouraging that).


Any fan of Edgar Wright should see this movie but it is so much more than an Edgar Wright film. This is a great car film, a great action movie and a great musical with some very funny moments. It may be my favourite movie of the year.

Baby Driver scores 9/10

Thanks for reading my review. What did you think about Baby Driver? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great review. I still haven’t been able to see this one, but there is currently so much in the theatres that it’s really hard to make a selection lol. This one is high up on my list, but I think it will be the home theatre where I’m eventually going to see it 😊

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