X-Men: New Mutants Trailer 1 Review


Well it looks like Fox are definitely keeping with their trend of new genres inside of their comic book movies. They had a raunchy comedy with Deadpool, a western with Logan and now what appears to be a horror film with The New Mutants. It was announced that The New Mutants would be a horror film a few months back but until I saw the trailer I wasn’t convinced the studio would try something like that. But this movie looks like it could be genuinely scary.

The use of the choir singing Pink Floyds ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ is a brilliant way to set up the trailer and establish the kind of movie this will be. It added a creepy feel to the trailer, but the lyrics also are extremely relevant. Teenage mutants are being experimented on inside of the asylum feels different to anything that has come before in an X-Men movie.

I love the line about baby rattlesnakes, which is a brilliant way to establish the motivations of certain characters. In fact the dialogue throughout the entire trailer is fantastic. We don’t get any specific story points from the trailer but from the dialogue we definitely get a feel for the film that is being made.

I might not have been to familiar with the characters in The New Mutants, but the casting of it looks great. Maisie Williams is great on Game of Thrones, I didn’t like Split but Anya Taylor Joy was great in it and Charlie Heaton was solid in Stranger Things. With this much young talent, I think that the movie is in safe hands when it comes to bringing unfamiliar characters to life.

As far as first trailers go The New Mutants trailer was fantastic, it is hard to believe this is the first footage we are seeing for a movie that has an April 2018 release date. I was sceptical that Fox would actually go and make a horror movie from an X-Men story but from the looks of this trailer, they appear to be all in on the genre. I am pumped for this movie.

Image via Twentieth Century Fox

What did you think of the first trailer for X-Men: The New Mutants? Are you excited? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I commented earlier on another blog, that I think it’s very cool that Marvel isn’t scared to try out new stuff from time to time. A horror superhero movie, not counting Blade and Ghostrider, is something we haven’t seen yet. So yeah, call me excited. Looking forward to this 😀

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