Super Bowl Trailers 2018

Happy Super Bowl everyone, congratulations to the Eagles on their win. As an Aussie I didn’t really have a stake in the game, but as a film fan I had a vested interest in all the trailers that come out. Check out my thoughts on all the teasers and trailers we got to see.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

We finally got to see our first look at the moustache that ruined Justice League, just kidding, there was plenty wrong with Justice League, but it is a good looking moustache. I am a massive fan of this franchise and can’t wait to see this movie. This was a great trailer, shows just enough story and teases the audience as to what they might see, but doesn’t ruin the movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We finally get our first look at the stand-alone Han Solo movie and I must say I was pretty impressed. It does what a teaser should do, tease the audience. We get a bit of an idea that the Legends story that Han Solo was a pilot for the Empire will come into cannon, and we get a glimpse at some of the characters without spoiling anything. This was a movie that made my Most Anticipated list of 2018 and this teaser definitely backed up that being on my list.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

As someone who loved the first Jurassic World for the fun dumb summer movie it was, I have been a little underwhelmed by the marketing and the trailers just make the movie look super weird. I will still see it but I can’t say I am really excited for it.
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The Cloverfield Paradox

Interestingly, I have actually not seen any of the Cloverfield movies, I was turned of by the found footage of the first movie and missed the second movie in its short release. This trailer though had me very interested and now I plan on watching it when it comes out on Netflix.

Avengers: Infinity War

Can this movie hurry up and come out already. We don’t get much from this teaser but I expect a new trailer will be out in a few weeks with the release of Black Panther. I just can’t wait for this movie.
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The Rock can do many things well and action movies are one of them. Unfortunately this movie looks ridiculous. He referred to this movie as an original concept but in reality we have seen movies like this before, it was call Die Hard, its sequels and every attempt from Die Hard on a plane to Die Hard on a boat and even Die Hard in the White House (awesome movie). I am not sold at all on this movie, couldn’t really care less about it.

Red Sparrow

This teaser really doesn’t do anything extra for what the trailers had already done. This movie looks like it could be an awesome spy thriller but this teaser doesn’t really do anything to increase the hype.

A Quiet Place

I don’t know much about this movie but I am really intrigued by this teaser. Why do they have to be quiet? What is the monster? and what happened to everyone? These are the questions that should come out of a teaser. I am not one for horror movies but I am in for this movies.

Thats is for the Super Bowl trailers. What are your favourites? What movies are you now anticipating or have you lost interest in? Let me know in the comments below.
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3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Trailers 2018

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  1. I really have to say that the trailers that impressed me the most was the Mission Impossible trailer and the Cloverfield trailer. As for Cloverfield…even though the original was a found footage movie…I highly recommend it. It’s unlike any “normal” found footage films, and quite different 😊😊

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    1. The only found footage movie I have really enjoyed was Chronicle but on your recommendation I will check out Cloverfield. The Mission Impossible trailer was awesome. I don’t know how they continue to make good movies.

      Liked by 1 person

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