Deadpool Trailer Review – Deadpool, Meet Cable

The marketing for the first Deadpool movie was excellent, from the little teasers hosted by Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to the full trailers, even marketing it as a date movie for Valentines day. Up until now we hadn’t seen a whole lot of marketing for the sequel but that really isn’t a problem given how popular the first movie was, people will be excited for the sequel. This is the first full trailer we have seen and it hits the way you would expect any piece of Deadpool marketing too, brilliant.

The opening to the trailer feels exactly like a trailer for a super hero or comic book movie, with the way it follows Josh Brolin’s Cable in his dark time period. Like everyone I was waiting for the needle to lift and Deadpool to cut in, what happens though I was not expecting. I loved the comment about digitally removing a moustache (a cheeky shot at Henry Cavill’s mo/lack there of in Justice League) but what I loved more was the Toy Story reference with Deadpool playing with a figurine of himself as Woody and a Cable toy as Buzz Lightyear. I could not stop laughing at the ridiculous nature of this set up. It just works so well, like so much of the marketing around these movies.

The rest of the trailer highlights the action we can expect to see in the movie, but you would expect nothing less from the director of Atomic Blonde and John Wick. We get a quick look at the new and returning characters also but the trailer doesn’t really give much away in terms of story, which is a good thing. To cap it all off we get a signature fourth wall break from Wade, highlighting that he was the right guy to bring Deadpool to life. I really enjoyed this trailer and look forward to the rest of the marketing we can except to see in the coming months until the movies release in May.


After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.


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  1. I love the way that up until now we haven’t seen a full “real” trailer for this will, but we continually get these fun trailers that don’t take themselves seriously. Which is simply put, terrific. It so captures the spirit of this character. Awesome stuff 😊😊

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