King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

This is a Guy Ritchie movie through and through so if you do not enjoy his style of filmmaking or screenplay you might not enjoy this but if you do, King Arthur Legend of the Sword is a fun ride. This is a more mythical look at the legend of King Arthur, unlike the 2005... Continue Reading →

The Great Wall Review

If you have ever wondered why the Great Wall of China was built, just a heads up that this is not a historically accurate movie. It is more believable the Wall was built to keep the rabbits out of China than Giant Lizard Monsters. This Fantasy film is about European mercenaries who travel to China... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

"Return to the Wizarding World" When the lights go down and the iconic music starts the feeling of being back in the magical universe of Harry Potter will sink in and it feels good to be back. J K Rowling built an amazing universe around the character of Harry Potter and it is really intriguing... Continue Reading →

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