Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

There are plenty of big blockbuster movies coming out this year, some that already look awesome from their limited marketing. At this time of the year we do not normally have a big idea what the smaller movies look like in the second half of the year or what the festival circuit will bring so... Continue Reading →

X-Men and Fantastic Four return to Marvel: But is it as good as it sounds?

Marvel’s family is getting bigger with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four returning to Marvel with Disney acquiring the rights from Fox: But is it as good as it sounds? I love the idea of Wolverine swapping war stories Captain America, Mr Fantastic joining the Science Bros’ Stark and Banner, and Deadpool corrupting Spider-Man, but... Continue Reading →

X-Men: New Mutants Trailer 1 Review

  Well it looks like Fox are definitely keeping with their trend of new genres inside of their comic book movies. They had a raunchy comedy with Deadpool, a western with Logan and now what appears to be a horror film with The New Mutants. It was announced that The New Mutants would be a... Continue Reading →

Logan Spoiler Free Review

The following review for Logan will be spoiler free. For many years now we have seen Hugh Jackman run around with ripped muscles, in a singlet, cutting people down with his claws, but not like this. This Wolverine is much older, world weary and violent. James Mangold returns to direct the Hugh Jackman’s final outing... Continue Reading →

X-Men Movies Ranked

In honour of the release of Logan, here is my list of X-Men Movies X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) 40% This was the first stand-alone movie following X-Men The Last Stand focusing on the origins of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I remember this movie being better than it was until I re-watched it recently and realised wow,... Continue Reading →

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