Black Panther First Reaction

It is fantastic to see comic book movies that can have a strong social impact, we saw it with Wonder Woman and we are seeing it again with Black Panther. What makes this even better is that these are fantastic films. Director Ryan Coogler has done a fantastic job subverting typical African tropes whilst also targeting the treatment of black people, executing it expertly in an interesting and entertaining movie. Black Panther is a very impacting movie with a great cast, great soundtrack, interesting world and an excellent hero’s journey.

Without a doubt, Shuri is my favourite character from Black Panther. T’Challa is an incredible character, expertly portrayed buy Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger is easily one of the best villains in the comic book movie genre, but I loved every moment Shuri was on screen. There are so many rich and interesting characters throughout Black Panther that you will want to stay in the world of Wakanda.

I acknowledge that some fans are against the Marvel style of humour, with their quips and one-liners, but I am a massive fan of the humour and think Black Panther has a great run of moments that I could smile and laugh at. Which is probably why I think Shuri is a fantastic character but also what makes characters like M’Baku stand out. The humour wont work for everyone but as a fan of the Marvel movies and the humour that goes with them, I loved what they did with Black Panther.

Full review coming soon.

Image via Marvel
Black Panther2
Image via Marvel
Black Panther 3
Image via Marvel

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  1. Looking forward to your full review. I’m going to be seeing it myself today (in fact in three hours from now 😊😊 But it’s great to see your first reaction to this is a positive one!

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