The Accountant Review

“John Wick meets Rain Man”

The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as a high functioning Autistic man who works as an accountant for international criminal organisations. Throughout the film we gain an insight into his brilliant mind, the tough up bringing he experienced as a autistic child in an military family and how he operates if and when his clients ever turn on him. This movie has brilliant action pieces, brilliant performances from Ben Affleck and though it is a little plot heavy it is still a really entertaining movie.

Ben Affleck delivers an incredible performance in this movie, so much so it would be believable that he was autistic. His mannerisms and behaviour, as well as the way he interacts with the cast is perfect. Some of his best scenes are of him interacting with Anna Kendrick, where she tries to be his friend and he struggles to connect. These scenes can be both awkward and humorous, showing Affleck’s full range as an actor. The humour from Affleck is more regarding the innocence and bluntness that he posses around social interaction. Though not an overly long movie, it can feel a little dragged out in parts and is more plot heavy than the standard action movie. It can also be a little predictable in parts but there was some good little plot twist that made the movie even more enjoyable. The acting in The Accountant was perhaps the best aspect of the movie with great performances from JK Simmons, Jon Bernthal and Anna Kendrick. The action delivered in some of the set pieces was fantastic which seems to be a theme of director Gavin O’Connor who did a fantastic job directing the MMA movie Warrior.

The Accountant is incredible action movie with a strong cast and interesting story. It is like a combination of the amazing action of John Wick and the humour and character of Rain Man. I would definitely consider this to be in my top movies of the year.

The Accountant scored an 85%

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