Get Out Audio Review

I recently applied for a position as the ‘New That Movie Guy’, the film critic for Triple J in Australia, which meant recording a review of Get Out. I had only ever written my reviews and had spent many hours discussing movies with my mates so I thought how hard can it be. The answer is very hard. When you are limited by time you have to make every word count. You have to try hard to make sure you don’t say umm or ahh. The hardest aspect was learning to edit the review to include clips from the trailer. I know this is far from perfect but if I want to grow as a critic I need to try other mediums and put myself out there more. Here is my first but hopefully not last to record a film review.


Thanks for listening. Let me know any thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with everything happening with Millennial Movies.

If you liked the review feel free to tell Triple J to increase my chances.


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